Love2Shop Vouchers on Ride On Scrubber Dryers and Sweepers

   Now available on Walk-Behind Machines Too!

 L2S Walk Behind Machines

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Get Up To £500 of Love 2 Shop Vouchers: For a limited period Harrison Hire and Sales are offering up to £500 of Love 2 Shop vouchers free when you buy or long term hire new ride-on floor cleaning equipment including scrubber dryers, sweepers and combination machines.

LOVE2SHOP vouchers can be used in so many shops including Argos, Boots, Halfords, Robert Dyas, TK Maxx and Go Outdoors. You can also use them to treat yourself to a day out at Thorpe Park or Champney's, book a Virgin Experience day or treat yourself to a meal out.

Only valid on machines specific machines purchased or long term hired on a 36 + month contract which starts before 31/01/18.

This offer applies to sales or long-term rental of:

Karcher B 90 R Adv Dose Bp, Karcher B150R, Nilfisk SC2000 53B, Nilfisk SC1500 51D, Nilfisk BR652, Nilfisk BR755, Nilfisk BR855, Nilfisk BR755C, Nilfisk SC6000 860D WET, Nilfisk SC6000, Nilfisk 1050D WET, Nilfisk SC6000 910C WET, Nilfisk SC6500 1100D, Nilfisk SC6500 1300D, Nilfisk SC6500 1300C, Nilfisk SC6500 1100C, Nilfisk SC8000 1600LPG, Nilfisk SC8000 1300LPG, Nilfisk SC8000 1600D, Nilfisk SC8000 1300D, Nilfisk CS7000 B, Nilfisk CS7000 1200LP LEV Hybrid
Nilfisk CS7000 D Hybrid, Viper AS530R, Viper AS710 R, Karcher KM 90/60 R P Adv, Nilfisk SR1000SB, Nilfisk SR1101B, Nilfisk SW4000 B, Nilfisk SW4000 LPG, Nilfisk SW5500 LPG, Nilfisk SW5500D, Nilfisk SW5500 B COMBI WET, Nilfisk SW5500 B COMBI GEL, Nilfisk SR1601 LPG MAXI, Nilfisk SR1601 D3 MAXI, Nilfisk SR1601 B MAXI, Nilfisk SW8000 LPG, Nilfisk SW8000 D, Karcher BR30/4 240V, Nilfisk SC100 E, Viper AS380C, Viper AS430C, Viper AS510C, Viper FANG18C-EU, Karcher BR 40/10 C Adv, Karcher BR 40/10 C Adv 110V, Karcher BR40/25 C Ep, Karcher KM 80 W G, Nilfisk SC250, Nilfisk SC351 with brush, battery & charger, Nilfisk SC400E, Nilfisk SC430 B Go Line, Viper AS430B, Viper AS510B, Karcher BD38/12 C Bp, Karcher BR35/12 BP, Karcher BR40/25 Bp, Karcher BR45/22 C, Karcher KM 75/40 W Bp LM, Karcher KM 75/40 W Bp MF,Karcher KM 75/40 W G, Karcher KM 85/50 W P, Nilfisk SC400 43B, Nilfisk SC450, Nilfisk SC500, Nilfisk SC530B, Nilfisk SC530BD, Nilfisk SW750, Nilfisk SW900, Viper AS5160, Viper AS5160 Traction, Viper FANG 20HD, Viper FANG24T-EU, Viper FANG26T-EU, Viper FANG28T-EU, Viper FANG32T-EU, Karcher B 40 W DOSE*, Karcher B 60 W DOSE*, Karcher BR 45/10 ESC, Nilfisk BA551CD, Nilfisk BA551D, Nilfisk BA611, Nilfisk BA651, Nilfisk BA751, Nilfisk SC500REV, Karcher B120 W DOSE, Karcher BR 47/35 ESC, Nilfisk BA751C, Nilfisk SC800 71 - WET batteries, ilfisk SC800 71C - WET batteries, Nilfisk SC800 86 - WET batteries

Get free Love2Shop Vouchers when you buy a scrubber dryer or sweeper