Stair and Escalator Cleaners

Karcher have some innovative solutions for cleaning escalators and travelators. Choose between a more cost effective interim cleaning machine or a more substantial machine for in-depth cleaning.

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  • The BR 47/35 is ideal for maintenance cleaning up to 3 escalators or travelators an hour. Cleaning is undertaken with the machine at the bottom of the escalator or travelator while it is running. Cleaning solution is sprayed onto the scrubbing brushes from special nozzles, which then apply it to the treads then the dirty cleaning solution is vacuumed away...

  • The compact and portable Karcher BR45/10 cleans all types of escalators and travelators while they are running.  This dry cleaning system is suitable for maintenance and intermediate cleaning. Two suction turbines provide high suction power whilst the 10 litre filter bag retains dirt to ensure dust-free working. 

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items