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  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Cleaning Detergents
  • Dry Steam Cleaners

    Karcher, Matrix and Nilfisk dry steam cleaners use pressurised steam to clean and sanitize in a single pass. They are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications from sanitizing food preparation surfaces to removing chewing gum from floors. Dry steam generators use very little water to clean and a large selection of our range is registered on the water technology list which could make your company eligible for enhanced capital allowance against any purchase. Dry steam cleaners can be used at any time with no interruption to normal working practices or risk to surrounding staff or customers.

  • Floor Cleaning Machines
  • Pressure Washers

    At Harrison Hire and Sales we stock a large range of industrial and commercial high pressure cleaners from market leading brands such as Karcher, Nilfisk, Kranzle and Dual Pumps.  To buy or hire a power washer please contact us our friendly and experienced team who will help you find a machine to suit your application and work load. 

  • Snow Throwers

    Karcher snow throwers are ideal for high clearing capacity. The powerful 4-stroke petrol engine is highly efficient even when clearing large quantities of hard-packed snow.

  • Space Heaters

    Mobile space heaters offer a cheap and effective method of heating large areas without installation. Our range of mobile space heaters are either gas or oil-fired.

  • Spray Extraction

    When you need to ensure that your carpets and upholstery are clean and odour free, then the Karcher Puzzi range of spray extraction machines will exceed your expectations. This market leading range has recently been updated, whilst retaining the best features of the favourite Puzzi 100. Popular with Contract Cleaners, the Hospitality Industry and the Automotive Industry. A range of attachments make these machines great for cleaning cars interiors, carpets and curtains.

  • Vacuums

    Numatic, Nilfisk, Sebo and Karcher vacuum cleaners are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Commercial vacuum cleaners offer a cost effective cleaning solution, while as industrial vacuum cleaners offer a more powerful, reliable and safe long working life.

  • Vehicle Cleaning Systems

    Our range of Iteco mobile brush wash machines are ideal for cleaning large flat-sided commercial vehicles such as buses, coaches and trucks. These single brush power wash systems are available in mains electric, battery or engine driven models. A coach or bus can   be cleaned in less than 10 minutes without connection to a water or power supply.

  • Outdoor & Municipal...

    Our range of Nilfisk, Hako and Karcher municipal road sweepers not only collect dirt, litter and debris but can also be used as multi-purpose machines to suit many outdoor task such as mowing grass, pressure washing, snow ploughing and gritting. These precinct sweepers are available to buy or to long term hire.

  • Discontinued Models

    When a manufacturer discontinues a machine, we will continue to support it with our parts and repair service. Where the model has been superseded we have included a link to the new machine. If you need help choosing a machine to suit your needs our team will be happy to help.

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  • A powerful battery-powered BV 5/1 Bp Backpack vacuum. Designed with ergonomic, highly comfortable carrying frame for cleaning work in the most confined spaces. karcher bv 5/1 bp

  • This hot water pressure washer incorporates a 4 pole slow speed pump and motor unit which is longer lasting than the 2 pole motor as it spins slower therefore takes longer to wear out which is better when using for prolonged periods of time. The eco burner setting reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% making it economical and environmentally friendly....

  • NTA-free, concentrated chemicals by Karcher RM776: What it's used for: Very effective cleaning agent for removing rubber dust and wheel marks caused by industrial trucks. Excellent at removing heavy oil and soot soil as well as polymer and wax coatings and the sticky marks that adhesive tape leaves behind. Properties:  Powerful cleaner for removing tyre...

  • A convenient, space-saving & compactly designed high pressure cleaner featuring a trigger gun with safety catch M2000, 10 m high-pressure hose, stainless steel lance with spray nozzle. 

  • This machine is a steam only dry steam generator that has an operating pressure of 4.5 Bar and is perfect for killing bacteria on food preparation surfaces. The SO4 features a steam control valve to regulate the flow and pressure of the steam being produced. This machine also comes with a full range of accessories perfect for sanitising surfaces.

  • Our most popular industrial vacuum cleaner, The Nilfisk S3 offers many possibilities for a varied range of applications.This powerful 3,000 Watt, 240V industrial vacuum can vacuum wet or dry and has options for solid or liquid high-level cut out. Also available is a 2-motor variant (S2), 110V, 2,000W version variants offering a 50 litre capacity,...

  • The NT 35/1 Tact is a compact vacuum cleaner that performs exceptionally well with both wet and dry substances. The TACT automatic filter cleaning system reduces down time as the filter takes a lot longer to deteriorate. This machine was designed for trade, crafts, building industry and anywhere else that requires a high performance mobile vacuum cleaner....

  • The Iteco Bus Wash 500 is a mobile, automatic brush wash machine available in diesel engine or with a battery. Ideal for the speedy washing of Buses, Coaches and other large passenger service vehicles. With no trailing cables or hoses, the Iteco will clean your passenger service vehicle in approximately 6 minutes. This commercial vehicle cleaning system...

  • Based on the very successful Puzzi 100, the 10/1 brings you an up to date design to make your job even easier. Using the popular tried and tested spray-extraction method, the 10/1 sprays the fresh water and detergent directly onto the fabric, with the vacuum system removing the moisture almost instantly, taking the dirt with it. With only minimal residue...

  • Featuring an Interpump 66HP series pump and a powerful Hatz 2G40 diesel engine, this pressure washer is designed for users who need a heavy duty pressure washer. This unit offers an impressive 500 bar pressure (7250 Psi) at 15 litres per minute! The pressure washer is mounted on a sturdy powder coated steel trolley with a brake and 13"pneumatic wheels ,...

  • The NT 35/1 Tact is a compact 240v vacuum cleaner that performs exceptionally well with both wet and dry substances. The TACT automatic filter cleaning system reduces down time as the filter takes a lot longer to deteriorate. This machine was designed for trade, crafts, building industry and anywhere else that requires a high performance mobile vacuum...

  • The K1152 pressure washer very powerful cold water pressure washer used by both commercial and private users. It has an impressive flow rate of 600 litres per hour for a small machine, and features a Roto-Mold trolley easily manages uneven ground.

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