Floor Cleaning Machines

The Numatic, Nilfisk, Viper and Karcher floor cleaning machine ranges cover all floor cleaning applications such as polishing or scrubbing hard floors, scrubbing carpets and sweeping dust and debris from large outdoor areas.

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  • Single Disc Machines

    Nilfisk and Karcher single disc machines are often referred to as buffers or polishers. High speed machines are better for buffing polishing hard floor surfaces offering a high quality shine. Low speed single disc machines are suited to scrubbing floors. Twin speed machines offer an all-in-one solution, combining a scrubbing and a buffering/polishing machine. Are you looking for;
    - Burnishers

  • Scrubber Dryers

    Our range of Nilfisk, Karcher & Hako scrubber dryers offers a suitable machine for any size or type of floor. Scrubber Dryers scrub a cleaning solution from an integral tank into the floor, the dirty water is then collected into the recovery tank via a squeegee blade. Various brushes and pads can be fitted, ensuring all indoor floor types can be cleaned.

  • Sweepers

    Industrial vacuum sweepers are ideal for warehouses and other large indoor areas. These warehouse sweepers use a large cylindrical brush to sweep up debris and have a built in vacuum and filter system to suppress dust allowing dust-free sweeping. Our range of Nilfisk, Hako and Karcher industrial sweepers are available in battery or engine driven (petrol, diesel or LPG) models. Are you looking for;
    Outdoor/Municipal Sweepers

  • Combination...

    These floor cleaning machines combine a sweeper and a scrubber dryer in one machine. They have the ability to sweep dust and debris, scrub and dry in a single pass reducing maintenance and operator costs compared to separate sweepers and scrubber driers. Our range of Nilfisk, Hako and Karcher sweeper/scrubber driers are available to buy or hire.

  • Burnishers

    Burnishers use an ultra-high speed motor to polish floors up to 30% faster than regular high-speed polishers. Our range of Karcher and Nilfisk burnishers are ideal for high-gloss floors and stone such as marble and are available in 240v hand-held or battery-operated walk-behind or ride-on models for polishing large areas.

  • Stair and Escalator...

    Karcher have some innovative solutions for cleaning escalators and travelators. Choose between a more cost effective interim cleaning machine or a more substantial machine for in-depth cleaning.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 72 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 72 items