Twin-Speed Single Disc Machines

Numatic, Karcher & Nilfisk dual-speed single disc machines are for a variety of floor cleaning tasks. On the slow speed setting they can be used to scrub floors to remove and dirt or grime. They can then be switched to high speed to polish or buff your floor back to a like-new shine.

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  • The ideal all-round floor scrubber, polisher, buffer, carpet cleaning and stripping machine. The dual-speed motor means that the FM400D can be used for all single-disc, hard floor cleaning tasks. The huge range of accessories include brushes, pads, solution tanks, buffing kits and vacuum units enabling this machine to become extremely versatile.

  • The BDS 43/Duo C Adv is a dual speed floor scrubber which is capable of completing multiple applications. It can be used in multiple applications including cleaning, polishing hard flooring and parquet and also sanding parquet floors. This machine is easy for even inexperienced users with a simple speed control on the handle.

  • If you require a quality heavy duty floor scrubber, look no further than the Viper DS 350. This dual speed single disc machine makes light work of scrubbing, cleaning and buffering hard floors. It features large rear wheels which helps to balance the machine and make it highly manoeuvrable. The single disc RPM can be adjusted by the user to match the...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items