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Iteco is, more than ever, the privileged partner of those who want to wash their industrial or commercial vehicles in the most practical, efficient and suitable way

Our company has extended its production activities, renewed its range and improved its structures so today it’s presence on the market is even more significant.

We have also written our renewed mission: Travelling in cleanliness meaning not only offering products that meet the highest of expectations but also useful accessories and important related services as our target is to be a growing point of reference in the world of commercial and industrial vehicles washing.

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  • The Iteco Bus Wash 500 is a mobile, automatic brush wash machine available in diesel engine or with a battery. Ideal for the speedy washing of Buses, Coaches and other large passenger service vehicles. With no trailing cables or hoses, the Iteco will clean your passenger service vehicle in approximately 6 minutes. This commercial vehicle cleaning system...

  • A inexpensive alternative to the self propelled, Iteco Truckwash, the Easy Wash requires only a suitable water and 415v, 3-phase power supply. This single brush unit can be operated in either direction to easily and quickly clean your bus or coach, or heavy goods vehicle fleet.

  • The Iteco Truck Wash 500 is a mobile truck brush wash machine available with a diesel engine or battery. Allows speedy washing of trucks, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV and LGV's) and other large vehicles with no trailing cables or hoses - no installation required, just access to a water supply and diesel (or electricity for battery version). This commercial...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items