Nilfisk UHR 70-1700 – Sit-On Floor Burnisher

This model has been discontinued. Our recommended replacement is the Karcher BDP 50/2000.

We can still obtain parts for the UHR 70-1700.

The UHR 70-1700 ride-on floor buffer/polisher provides quiet and efficient coverage of large areas of hard floor such as in airports, hospitals and shopping centres. The large battery pack allows the UHR 71-1700 to cover huge areas of up to 12,500 sq. metres with a single charge. The built-in dust control system and simple controls ensure this burnisher is easy to use with minimal disturbance to customers.

Data sheet

ModelNilfisk HDS1005 HEPA UK
Brush Pad Width510 mm
Speed1700 RPM
Rated Power3200 W
Voltage36 V
Weight220 Kgs