Karcher BRS 43/500 Interim Carpet Cleaner


If you've ever needed to clean your carpets but don't want the room to be out of service then an interim carpet cleaner could be the answer. The BRS 43/500 C works by spraying the carpet with water and detergent, agitating it into the pile, and then vacuuming after 20 minutes with an upright vacuum. (The detergent can be left in the carpet for up to 24 hours).Use with Karcher's innovative iCapsol detergent. This quick drying cleaning agent encapsulates the dirt particles into minute crystals which are then vacuumed up, leaving carpets clean and dry. Ideal for schools, hotels or restaurants where keeping rooms open is essential.

Data sheet

ModelKarcher BRS 43/500C
Scrubbing Width430 mm
Voltage220-240 V
Solution Tank7.5 litres
Recovery Tank7.5 litres
Spray Pressure3.4 bar
Spray Rate0.38 l/min
Weight25 kg
Dimensions400 x 460 x 1160 mm
Frequency50 Hz