Modular Pressure Automatic Cleaning System

Harrison Hire and Sales can build centralised wash-down system to suit your specific requirements. We will conduct a free site visit to assess what system will best suit your needs. You can choose to heat your water using oil, gas or electricity to a temperature of up to 80 degrees C, and can have up to 12 users on a single system. We will install the system, including any pipework required at your premises. 

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The Modular Pressure Automatic (MPA) Cleaning System provides outlet points in an agreed positions in combination with varying water flows and pressures, and used with a spray lance to suit the end users task. Pump modules which deliver 23-28 litres per minute each are used in combination. The number of pumps depends on the number of lances you wish to use at the same time. Bar pressure can be adjusted from 70 to 130. The system can be run manually or automatically, and can be extended if demand requires it.