Karcher RM 69 ASF eco!efficiency Floor Deep Cleaner

Environmentally friendly, NTA-free, concentrated chemicals by Karcher

RM69: What it's used for:

Deep floor cleaner for general dirt and stains. Will remove intermediate oil, grease, soot and mineral soiling with ease from most floor surfaces. Very economical and gentle on the environment due to its eco!efficiency properties. 


Ideal for general and maintenance cleaning 
Dissolves intermediate oil, grease and mineral stains 
Pleasant, fresh fragrance 
Low reaction times 
Rapidly separates oil from water in the oil separator 
NTA free 

Where to use it:

Automotive: Floor cleaning 
Contract Cleaning: Floor cleaning 
Industry: Floor cleaning 
Hotels, restaurants and catering: Floor cleaning 
Retail: Floor cleaning 
Transport and Logistics: Floor cleaning 


Scrubber Driers
Manual Spray units

What is the difference between RM 69 and RM 756

RM 69 is only for use on floors, while RM 756 is used on floors and surfaces. RM 756 is used daily usage without hazard classification whereas RM 69 is a deep cleaner, solving cleaning problems and is applied normally weekly to monthly. RM 69 is strong in high dosing (3 – 20%), while RM 756 is strong in low dosing (0.25 – 1%).

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Scrubber Driers Deep Cleaning
Dosage at machine: 1-3%
Type of dirt: Heavy

Scrubber Driers Maintenance Cleaning
Dosage at machine: 0.05-1%
Type of dirt: Light-medium

Type of dirt: Light-medium

Available in these sizes:

200l    6.295-653.0

20l      6.295-652.0

10l      6.295-651.0 

2.5l     6.295-650.0

PH Value in concentrate: 12.25 (alkaline) 
1 x 20 litre container dosed at 1% will make 2000 litres of solution


RM 69

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