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Karcher RM 760 CarpetPro Cleaner

NTA-free Karcher CarpetPro Cleaner is for use with Spray Extraction machines. Available in powder or tablet form.

RM760: What it's used for:

This spray extraction deep cleaner uses encapsulation technology to clean deep into the piles of carpets. It features an odour eliminator to permanently eliminates unpleasant  smells. There's no need for time-consuming rinsing.


Effective deep cleaner for spray extraction cleaning of textile coverings and upholstery
Dissolves heavy oil, grease and mineral stains
Gentle cleaning action
Active cleaning at all stages of temperature
Improves floor hygiene
Free from bleaching agents
Pleasant, fresh fragrance
Rapidly separates oil from water in the oil separator
NTA free

Where to use it:

Automotive: Car preparation
Contract Cleaning: Textile surfaces
Healthcare: Textile surfaces
Hotels, Restaurants and Catering: Textile surfaces
Municipal: Textile surfaces
Retail: Textile surfaces


Spray extraction devices
Carpet cleaning devices

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Deep Cleaning
Dosage at machine: 2%
Type of dirt: Heavy
Interim Cleaning
Dosage at machine: 1%
Type of dirt: Light-medium

Available in these sizes:

200 Tabs:        6.295-851.0
16 Tabs:          6.295-850.0
10kg Powder    6.295-847.0

PH Value in concentrate: 7.7 (neutral) 


RM 760

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