Karcher RM 751 ASF Floor Deep Cleaner Acidic

RM751 ASF: What it's used for:

Acidic deep cleaner for floors. It will effectively remove cement film, deposits and residue. Examples include lime scale, rust, beer and milk. Perfect for use on building sites when final cleaning. 


Intended for deep cleaning heavily soiled areas 
Powerful, acidic cleaner for use on acid-resistant hard floors 
Dissolves heavy limescale, rust, grease, protein, milk deposit stains and cement residue 
Very low-foam 
With integrated corrosion protection 
Free from salt and phosphoric acid 
Rapidly separates oil from water in the oil separator 
NTA free

Where to use it:

Building Industry: Post-construction cleaning 
Contract Cleaning: Deep floor cleaning 
Industry: Deep floor cleaning 
Municipal: Deep floor cleaning 


Scrubber Driers

Manual Spray units

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Scrubber Driers Deep Cleaning

Dosage at Machine: 1-3%

Dirt Type: Heavy

Scrubber Driers Maintenance Cleaning

Dosage at Machine: 0.5-1%

Dirt Type: Medium

Spray units - 0.5 -1%

Dirt Type: Light

Available in these sizes:

10l  6.295-129.0

2.5l 6.295-586.0

PH Value in concentrate: 0.7 in concentrate