Karcher RM 58 ASF Alkaline Foam Cleaner

RM58 ASF: What it's used for:

Will consistently removes grease, oil, protein stains and food residue from tiles and equipment. This foam has adhesive properties which help it to cling to vertical surfaces for long period allowing for intensive cleaning action.


Includes a high-pressure foam cleaning agent
Great for dissolving oil, grease and mineral stains
Produces a long-lasting adhesive foam
Easy to rinse
Surfactants fully biodegradable in accordance with EEC 648/2004
Rapidly separates oil from water in the oil separator
NTA free


Dairy farms or milk kitchens
Stable cleaning
Surface/kitchen cleaning in hotels, catering etc
Retail: Surface, walls and tile cleaning
Transport and Logistics: Food tankers


High-pressure cleaners
High-pressure cleaner with foam nozzle
Manual Spray units

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High-pressure cleaners (neat): 1-2%  for heavy dirt
High-pressure cleaner with foam nozzle (neat): 4-10% for heavy dirt
Manual spray units dilute 1:9  for medium dirt

pH 13.1

Available in:

200l     6.295-413.0
20l       6.295-100.0