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Karcher RM 59 Acidic Foam Cleaner

RM59: What it's used for:

Acidic cleaner for effective removal of grease, oil and similar deposits or residues. Examples include lime scale, rust, beer and milk. 


Includes a high-pressure foam cleaning agent 
Great for dissolving oil, grease and mineral stains 
Produces a long-lasting adhesive foam 
Easy to rinse 
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Where to use it:

Dairy farms
Hotels or catering cleaning - kitchen and surface cleaning
Retail: Surface, walls and tile cleaning
Transport and Logistics: Food tankers


High-pressure cleaners
High-pressure cleaner with foam nozzle
Manual Spray units

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Scrubber Driers Deep Cleaning

Dosage at Machine: 1-3%

Dirt Type: Heavy

Scrubber Driers Maintenance Cleaning

Dosage at Machine: 0.5-1%

Dirt Type: Medium

Spray units - 0.5 -1%

Dirt Type: Light

Available in these sizes:

 200 litres - 6.295-414.0

PH Value in concentrate: 2.1