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Karcher RM 754 All Round Deep Cleaner

RM754: What it's used for:

Highly effective deep cleaning agent for removing of wax and polymer coatings easily from water-resistant and alkali-sensitive floors.
No rinsing required so saves time.


Excellent deep cleaning properties to remove care films and dirt
Removes stubborn wax and polymer coatings
Dissolves oil, grease and mineral stains
Wide range of applications: suitable for all water-resistant, alkaline sensitive (e.g.: linoleum) and alkaline-resistant (e.g.: PVC) surfaces
Low pH concentration
Rinsing/neutralising is not required
Can be used for maintenance cleaning
Safe and easy to use
Refreshing citrus fragrance
Low-foam formulation

Where to use it:

Floor Cleaning:

Contract Cleaning
Hotels, Restaurants and Catering


Single disc machines
Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

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Scrubber Driers Deep Cleaning

Dosage at Machine: 1-3%

Dirt Type: Medium-Heavy

Scrubber Driers Maintenance Cleaning

Dosage at Machine: 0.5-1%

Dirt Type: Light

Scrubber Driers Coating Stripping - 15-50%

Dirt Type: Stripping

Available in these sizes:

 10 litres - 6.295-811.0

PH Value in concentrate: 10.5

One 10l container dosed at 1% will make 1000l solution
One 10l contained dosed at 3% will make 330l solution
One 10l contained dosed at 20% will make 50l solution


Karcher RM 754

RM 754 All Round Deep Cleaner

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