Karcher RM 806 ASF High Pressure Wash NTA Free View larger

Karcher RM 806 ASF High Pressure Wash NTA Free

RM806: What it's used for:

A broad dirt-dissolving vehicle cleaner for removal of stubborn road dirt, dust, oil, lubricating grease, insects, tree resin and mud. NTA free.


Powerful high-pressure cleaning agent designed to wash vehicles
Will dissolve the toughest oil, lubricant, resin, mud and insect stains
Fast reaction time
Rapidly separates oil from water in the oil separator
Surfactants biodegradable in accordance with EEC 648/2004
NTA free

Where to use it:

Agriculture: Vehicles and transportation equipment
Automotive: Car and engine washing
Construction: Vehicles and transportation equipment
Municipal: Car and engine washing
Logistic and Transport: Car and engine washing
Self-service Wash Units: Cars and commercial vehicle washing


High-Pressure Cleaners
Self-Service Washing Stations

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High-Pressure Cleaners/  Self-service Wash Stations

Dilution Ratio 1:3

Dosage at Machine: 0.8-2%

Dirt Type: Medium

Available in these sizes:

200 litres - 6.295-554.0

10 litres - 6.295-553.0

PH Value in concentrate: 13.3

One 20l container will make 80l of solution


RM 806

RM 806 High Pressure Wash NTA Free

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