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Karcher RM 801 Alkaline Rim Cleaner

RM801: What it's used for:

This rim cleaner is high foaming, and designed to remove tough contamination found on wheel rims such as road and brake dust, tyre wear and salt. Use on all coated light metals and steel rims. 


Powerful and safe

Effective at removing brake dust, tyre wear, winter salt and lime stains.

Will not damage uncoated concrete.

NTA free

Over 90% biodegradable

Where to use it:

Wheel rim cleaning in:


Logistic and Transport

Self-service Wash Units


Manual Spray Units

Vehicle Washes

Self-Service Washing Stations

More details

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Self-service washing stations/ Vehicle Wash Equipment

Dilution: Use neat

Dosage at Machine: 10%

Type of dirt: Heavy

Manual spray units

Dilution: 1:9

Type of dirt: Heavy

Available in these sizes:

200 litres - 6.295-401.0

20 litres - 6.295-323.0

PH Value in concentrate: 13.5


Karcher RM801

Karcher RM 801 Alkaline Rim Cleaner

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