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Karcher RM 91 Agri Foam Cleaner (Alkaline)

RM91: What it's used for:

This foam cleaner is ideal for dissolving grease and effortlessly removes organic material such as dung and dirt. Ideal for cleaning poultry, pig and cattle sheds as well as milk parlours.

Rotate with RM 93, an acidic based surface cleaner to avoid bacterial resistance and/or a neutral detergent for interim cleaning.


Excellent for dissolving grease and removing organic material such as dung, dirt and food remains
100% biodegradable
Gentle cleaning action
Does not damage any stable facilities (corrosion inhibitors)
No negative effects on drain systems and bio-gas plants

Where to use it:



Milk parlours


High-pressure cleaner with 2K dual injector
High-pressure cleaner with foam nozzle
Spray units

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Cleaning Method
High Pressure cleaners
Type of dirt: Heavy
Dilution: Neat

Dosage at machine: 3-5%

Available in these sizes:

10l    6.295-654.0

PH Value in concentrate: 13.5