Karcher RM 756 FloorPro Multi Cleaner

RM756 ASF: What it's used for:

A powerful yet safe multi purpose daily cleaner that can be used in scrubber dryers or used to manually clean.


Powerful daily cleaner
Special surfactant combination offers high wetting
Material safe on all floors and surfaces*
100% safety - no hazardous or harm classifications 
Streak free cleaning even at low dose
Environmentally friendly ingredients, NTA free
Safe to use
Low foam
For light to medium soiling
No rinsing required

Where to use it:

Floors and surfaces in:
Offices and public buildings
Recreational facilities


Scrubber Dryers
Manual (Mopping or by hand)

*not recommended for use of stoneware floors as discolouration may occur.

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Scrubber Dryers
Dilution Ratio: 
Dosage at machine: 0.25- 1%
Type of dirt: Light to medium

Dilution Ratio: 0.25- 1%
Type of dirt: Light to medium

Available in these sizes:
1l        6.295-913.0
2.5l     6.295-915.0
10l      6.295-914.0

PH Value: 7

What is the difference between RM 69 and RM 756?

RM 69 is only for use on floors, while RM 756 is used on floors and surfaces. RM 756 is used daily usage without hazard classification whereas RM 69 is a deep cleaner, solving cleaning problems and is applied normally weekly to monthly. RM 69 is strong in high dosing (3 – 20%), while RM 756 is strong in low dosing (0.25 – 1%).