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Karcher RM 838 Foam Cleaner

RM838: What it's used for:

A powerful, highly alkaline, active foam perfect for touchless car washing to remove insects, rsin, mud and oil.


Powerful, concentrated, high-pressure cleaning agent designed to wash vehicles
Will dissolve oil, lubricant, resin, mud and insect stains
Won't damage sensitive car paint - no brushes required.
Rapid reaction time
Certified by VDA
NTA free

Where to use it:

Designed for use with the Karcher MultiApp-lance and Cup foam lances.

Agriculture: Vehicles and transportation equipment
Automotive: Car and engine washing
Construction: Vehicles and transportation equipment
Municipal: Car and engine washing
Logistic and Transport: Car and engine washing
Self-service Wash Units: Cars and commercial vehicle washing


High-Pressure Cleaners

Gantry Car/Truck Washes

Self-Service Washing Stations

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High-Pressure Cleaners/  Self-service Wash Stations 

Dosage at Machine: 0.5-2%

Dirt Type: Medium

Available in these sizes:

20 litres -  6.295-838.0

200 litres - 6.295-839.0

PH Value in concentrate: 13

One litre of concentrate makes up to 800l of solution.


RM 838

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