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Karcher RM 812 ASF Active Foam

RM812 ASF: What it's used for:

RM 812 is a very powerful, foam-intensive active brush shampoo which is specially formulated to protect vehicle surfaces as well as the brushes.


A foam-rich brush shampoo for vehicle washing  
Will remove grease, oil, emissions and insect stains without difficulty  
Produces a high volume of bright, attractive foam  
Designed to reduce friction of brushes and protect the surface of the vehicle  
Helps reduce the brushes‘ level of subsequent re-soiling  
Compatible with wax and so avoids streaks from forming on the coated surface  
Rapidly separates oil from water in the oil separator  
NTA free 


Automotive: Car washing
Logistic and Transport: Commercial vehicle washing
Self-service Wash Units: Cars and commercial vehicle washing
Vehicle washing plant: Cars washing


Vehicle Washes
Self-Service Washing Stations

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Cleaning method: Vehicle Washing Plant

Dilution Ratio: Neat

Dosage at machine: 0.2%

Type of dirt: Medium

Cleaning method: Self-Service Washing Stations

Dilution Ratio: 1:3

Dosage at machine: 0.8%

Type of dirt: Light

pH 8.9

Available in:

200l     6.295-137.0
20l       6.295-430.0

One 20l container will make 80l of solution