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Karcher RM 758 Escalator Cleaner Neutral

RM758 ASF: What it's used for:

This intensive hard floor cleaner for escalators and travelators also protects the machine and the escalator materials from corrosion. Dissolves oil, grease and mineral soiling. Approved for use by major escalator manufacturers.


Powerful, neutral cleaner for use on escalators and travelators
Dissolves oil, grease and mineral stains
Contains corrosion protection additive to protect cleaning equipment and the escalator/travelator
Low-foam formulation
Rapidly separates oil from water in the oil separator
NTA free
Free of phosphates

Where to use it:

Contract Cleaning
Hotels, Restaurants and Catering


Scrubber Dryers

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Scrubber Dryers
Dosage at machine: 10-40%
Type of dirt: Medium

Available in these sizes:
10l      6.295-082.0
2.5l     6.295-587.0

PH Value: 6.7

One 20l contained dosed at 10% will make 200l solution