Our head office has been situated in a rural North Yorkshire since 1966. Our location, combined with the farming background of the Harrison family means that a high proportion of our clients are farmers or growers. Our staff are well positioned to provide advice to, and service the cleaning equipment of the agricultural community.

The biggest requirement of our farming clients is for pressure washers. They usually have two tasks - either cleaning down tractors, combine harvesters and other machinery, or washing down animal housing (such as pig-sties, cow sheds, stables, hen/broiler houses and even dog kennels).

When looking at jet washers it is important to pay most attention to the flow rate, rather than the maximum or operating pressure. This may seem senseless when looking for a pressure washer, but it is vitally important especially when the aim for most agricultural applications is to remove large amounts of dirt/soiling.

Cleaning of Plant & Machinery

Pressure Washing a TractorFrom the early days of selling K.E.W. pressure washers in the 1970’s Mobile Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners have been a firm favourite in the farming community. These include single and three-phase options, and for farms with limited power availability Petrol/Diesel Engine-Driven Pressure Washers - there is a machine for every application.

As time progressed and pressure cleaners were produced on huge scales which made them more affordable, we saw the transition from cold to Mobile Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners. These pressure washers were always referred to as “steam cleaners” and although not all have the ability to produce steam, they all heat pressurised water to temperatures that remove dirt, grease and oil far more efficiently than cold water machines.

Stationary High Pressure Washers have become more popular in the last 10 years, due to the fact they are weather, frost and thief-proof! To meet this demand we manufacture a large range of heavy duty, cabinet hot pressure washers at our head-office in Malton, North Yorkshire. Using our vast experience, we build truly robust machines that can stand the test of time. We don't just sell pressure washers - we offer a full range of industrial cleaning equipment to suit every application. 

Cleaning of Animal Housing

Animal housing it often needs to be cleaned in a short period of time. As we have seen more stringent hygiene standards introduced over the last few years, it is more important than ever to have equipment suitable to not only clean quickly, but efficiently.

There is no doubt that hot water cleans better than cold, but a hot pressure washer will not kill bacteria. Mobile Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners do break down the grease and bio-film, where a lot of bacteria lives and grows, but they rarely reach and maintain temperatures on the surface high enough or long enough to kill bacteria, if at all. So detergents still need to be used to sanitise or disinfect. Hot water is also often a hindrance when cleaning with low ceilings, (especially on cold days) as operators simply cannot see where they have or haven’t cleaned.

We have installed many Centralised Wash Down Systems on farms with one or more large sheds, often with many rooms that require cleaning. These systems have a single, high-capacity pressure washer connected to fixed pipe-work system delivering water and pressure to operators throughout the building. This solution reduces operator misuse and abuse as well as the potential hazards a reliability of 100’s of metres of flexible hose.

Unfortunately most mobile cold pressure washers do not have the power necessary to remove large amounts of stubborn dirt. This is where a PTO Tractor-Driven Pressure Washer can help. Demand for our range has soared due to their ability to supply multiple operators with huge amounts of water and pressure, and all driven from a machine you already have on the farm!

Grain Vacuuming

Vacuuming GrainFrom removing grain from block machinery to general house-keeping, very few farms can manage without a big vacuum. Grain vacuuming is very seasonal so we do have many Industrial Vacuums on our hire fleet which are available for short term hires from 3 days to a few months. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a vacuum. We also stock a huge range of Commercial Vacuums which offer a more cost-effective solution, without sacrificing suction. The main difference between industrial and commercial vacuums is that an industrial vacuum has the ability to collect large amounts of dust and debris continuously.

We also have to consider the areas that the vacuum is in operation, as well as what material we are collecting. Grain dust for instance, is considered as combustible. In the right concentrations grain can be considered an explosion risk in mills, grain stores, bins and in vacuum cleaners themselves. Once we have a combustible cloud of dust we only need an ignition source such as a static discharge from a vac hose or a spark from a vacuum motor and we have a very serious problem (standard vacuums have no provision to prevent igniting combustible dust they collect). Thankfully, there are Commercial Hazardous Dust and Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaners equipped to collect combustible dust safely without risk to environment or operator.

Shed Sweeping

Sweeping a YardFarms often have large areas of hard floor outside and in sheds where potatoes, grain and machinery is stored. Often the cleaning of these large areas is done by vacuums, which work very well but are slow and have trailing cables. Alternatively a sweeping brush is used, which tends to stir dust into the air, then settles on walls, rafters, machinery and back on the floor. Not only does this make the job almost pointless, it creates a difficult and potential harmful atmosphere to work in.

Sweepers come in all sizes from Walk-Behind Machines for cleaning smaller areas to Ride-On Sweepers for covering large sheds or outdoor spaces. These sweepers are powered by batteries or a petrol, LPG or diesel engine and offer a very time efficient method of dust-free sweeping. Our range of vacuum sweepers uses a powerful cylindrical sweeping brush under the whole width of the machine to deposit dust and debris into a hopper, either at the front or the back of the sweeper. The built-in vacuum and filter system then suppresses any dust created by the sweeping action. On smaller machines the hopper can be removed and manually emptied. On larger sweepers the hopper is lifted and tipped by hydraulics into a skip or bin.




Diversifying from Traditional Farming

Vacuuming a Farm ShopMany farmers, tired of poor and fluctuating prices for their produce have looked to diversify into other areas to generate additional income, usually either starting a B&B to make use of large farm houses or opening a farm shop to sell their produce directly to the public.

In both cases it is vitally important that guest and customers have a pleasant experience in a clean and tidy environment. Dry Vacuum Cleaners or Upright Vacuum Cleaners offer the ideal solution for general housekeeping and now they are more efficient and quieter than ever, so than can be used for daytime cleaning without disturbing guests or clients.

In larger farm shops or restaurants mopping hard floors becomes a long and inefficient task. For this application there are two main options;

- A Small Walk-Behind Scrubber Drier which will offer the best clean by scrubbing the floor with the help of detergent then vacuuming it up leaving it clean and dry. Or;

- A Dry Steam Cleaner which will sanitize and clean in one pass. This machine is also ideal for cleaning food preparation surfaces in kitchens, work tops, toilets, with ranges of colour-coded accessories to avoid cross-contamination.