Car Cleaning - Exterior

The automotive industry is actually quite similar in principal to our own company structure in that it is an industry that comprises of four main parts; sales, service, spares & hire. Our understanding of these individual aspects of your business enables us to provide you will the right advice. We are able to help you clean vehicles for sale or repair, as well as improve and maintain your company image. We offer a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment to suit your requirements.

Car Cleaning – Exterior

Cleaning car paintwork, wheels and glass can be a tricky business especially when using High Pressure Cleaner. We believe in cleaning gently: the first step is to apply a wheel cleaning detergent. These detergents are usually very strong to break down the ingrained dirt on the alloy/steel wheel. Then a high foam, non-caustic traffic film remover with a foaming system is applied to the paintwork surface. Foaming pressure washer attachments allow the detergent to have a longer contact time with the road film/dirt and break it down, allowing you to simply rinse with a pressure washer. You can then address any additional cleaning requirements such as tar removal, or polishing with appropriate detergents.




Car Cleaning – Engine Bays

Cleaning Engine Bays

Cleaning engine compartments and other components before repair or servicing is often required so that an issue can be diagnosed before a part is replaced or adjusted. The ideal solution to this is a Mobile Hot Water High Pressure Washer or a Stationary Hot High Pressure Washer with the ability to produce steam. The reason we use steam is to reduce the risk of damage to surrounding electrical components without affecting the machine’s ability to clean oil and grease.

Cleaning Engine Bays

Car Cleaning/Valeting – Interiors/Upholstery

The first tool in for valeting a car should always be a wet & dry vacuum cleaner as they can collect large amounts of dirt and debris as well as any spills, although they will not clean deep into the upholstery. A spray extraction Carper/upholstery Cleaner is ideal for deep cleaning and refreshing car upholstery. A suitable scented detergent can be used with these machines. Apply the solution into the fabric to kill the bacteria that causes unpleasant odours, and then vacuum up the excess dirty water. This machine works well, and can also be used in your showroom or offices to deep clean the carpets, but it can take time for upholstery to dry. For a quick turn-around Commercial Dry Steam Cleaners not only penetrate the surface offering a deep clean but due to the low amounts of water used, require little or no drying time.

Workshop & Showroom Cleaning

Show Room Cleaning

Both workshop and showroom hard floors can soon become unattractive and unsafe to both clients and staff due to high traffic or spills. Mops are often used but they tend to spread dirt around rather than actually remove it. Walk Behind Scrubber Driers are fantastic for returning the floor to a like new condition. They do this by scrubbing a cleaning solution into the floor (with brushes or pads) then vacuuming up the dirty water, leaving a clean and dry floor in minutes. If you have a showroom with a high shine finish such as ceramic tiles, a floor polisher will bring out that extra shine.

Workshop Heating

Heating your workshop throughout a long and cold winter can be very expensive, as can disposing of the waste oil you collect from servicing. You can eliminate these two costs and heat you workshop without paying for fuel with a space heater. These are designed to heat large areas such as your workshop and are available in various outputs depending on the size of your building.



Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

It is very important than any job in your office, such as cleaning, is quiet and does not affect answering the phone or dealing with clients. With this in mind our range of silent Commercial Dry Vacuums and Upright Vacuums are designed for daytime use and will have minimum impact on the surrounding workforce.