Hazardous Dust Extraction

Builders and other contractors needs a safe environment to work in. This means using 110v tools where possible, reducing airborne dust and removing potentially harmful dust from the atmosphere. It's important that machinery is highly portable so that it can either be taken from site to site or stored safely overnight. As each construction job is temporary, and will vary in its requirements, many owners and managers find that our flexible Lease and Hire Services meet their needs, from one-off hire or longer-term cleaning applications. As an independent company we can supply industrial cleaning equipment from a number of manufacturers.

Hazardous Dust Extraction

Many dusts found when working on older buildings, and sometimes even new builds, can pose serious risks to workers if the dust becomes airborne. Our range of Hazardous Dust Vacuums offers safe collection and disposal of dangerous dusts, even dusts like asbestos. Even some low-risk dusts such as plaster can cause health issues if airborne in large quantities - a common occurrence when drilling or sanding. For this application we have vacuums that you can connect to a power tool, and use as a dust extractor for your power tool.


In the latter stages of large building projects, once a floor has been laid, constant sweeping is necessary as construction continues and other trades work on site. For this application and for final builders cleans, we offer flexible hire packages for Ride-on Floor Sweepers. These include delivery to site, certified operator training and collection.

Dust Extraction for Floor Grinders


Floor grinding machines are often used to prepare floors but generate huge quantities of fine dust. It is important that your floor grinder is connected to an Industrial Vacuum. These vacuums have a huge filter surface when compared to Commercial Vacuums; this ensures that dust is effectively suppress dust for long periods. Innovations such as automatic filter cleaning and automatic discharge into skips or bags, make our range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners ideal mobile dust extractors. 

Plant & Machinery Cleaning

Mobile Hot High Pressure Cleaners are ideal for cleaning down heavy grime from plant and machinery where suitable power and water supplies are available. Stationary High Pressure Washers have become more popular in the last 10 years, due to the fact they are weather, frost and thief-proof! To meet this demand we manufacture a large range of heavy duty, Cabinet Hot Pressure Washers in our head-office in Malton, North Yorkshire using our vast experience to build truly robust machines that can stand the test of time. For on-site work, where power & water utilities are unavailable, you should look to Petrol/Diesel Engine-Driven Pressure Washers or Trailer-mounted Pressure Washers, that have a built in water bowser/tank.

General Vacuuming

For general cleaning and collection of non-combustible or non-hazardous dust a Dry Vacuum offers a cheap and mobile solution. If there is also a requirement to vacuum liquid from spills or leaks then a suitable Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner can be used.