Scrubber Drier in Hospital

It is a necessity in the health care industry to ensure all surfaces are cleaned and sanitised to remove pathogens such as salmonella, listeria and superbugs like MRSA. Due to the very nature of healthcare establishments such as hospitals or doctors surgeries, the high traffic levels can cause infection to spread very quickly without continuous and effective cleaning methods and management. Many of our industrial cleaning products have been developed specifically for NHS use, to combat bacteria spread in the most efficient and economically viable way possible.

Surface Cleaning & Sanitising

Surface cleaning and sanitising is essential to reduce the spread of bacteria and is often difficult, time consuming and expensive. Dry Steam Machines offer a quick and powerful cleaning & sanitising method for cleaning most surfaces. They can be used for daily cleaning and are operator friendly, quiet safe and manoeuvrable. Our range of medical Dry Steam Cleaners for the Healthcare industry not only meet, but exceed the NHS’ requirement.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Due to the high footfall and constant movement of wheeled apparatus, trolleys and wheelchairs, it is essential for corridors and floors to be clean and dry at all times. Dry Steam Cleaners are ideal for cleaning small areas of hard floor in toilets or under beds but they are not practical for cleaning large corridors or rooms. Single Disc Machines are the ideal floor cleaning machine for low-cost cleaning of smaller spaces. Low Speed machines are best for scrubbing/cleaning, High Speed units are for polishing/buffing and Twin Speed machines can undertake both applications. To achieve the best results, Floor Scrubber Driers offer the most complete clean by scrubbing a cleaning solution into the floor and vacuuming up the water in a single pass, leaving the floor clean and dry.

Vacuuming healthcare

General Vacuuming

It is essential that vacuuming in the healthcare industry is quiet, effective and does not needlessly attribute to the spread of disease. Our range of Dry Vacuum Cleaners are ideal for use in a variety of applications, they are quiet, efficient and have HEPA filtration options - essential for use in hospitals, care homes and surgeries.