Scrubber Drier in Industry

In heavy industry it is imperative to uphold a clean environment to maintain plant and equipment and to provide a safe working environment. All equipment we supply into heavy industry is designed to work in the harshest environments and provide fast, safe and effective cleaning methods. HHS can supply a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment to suit a range of applications. 

Plant & Machinery Cleaning

Pressure Washers offer a simple and inexpensive method of cleaning, with Hot Water Pressure Washers for breaking down grease or Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers for the most demanding mobile applications. Sometimes a wet clean is not possible due to lack of drainage or sensitive machinery. Air lines have often offered a quick way of blowing down machinery but just move dust to other areas and cause potentially harmful atmospheres. Our range of Industrial Vacuums can remove safely extract large amounts of dust, liquids and debris without causing a potentially harmful or explosive atmosphere.

Collecting Dust and Debris

Controlling dust on the floor is one of the easiest ways of controlling dust in the atmosphere, a potential threat to the workforce or machinery. Our range of industrial Sweepers collect dust and debris in a large hopper in both indoor and outdoor application safely and effectively with the aid of a vacuum for dust suppression. For collecting large amounts of dust and potentially harmful dusts, our range of Industrial Vacuums offer a safe and productive solution. They will hoover up the dust and debris into a container on the machine designed to collect dust in large hoppers of skips to aid disposal.

Vacuuming Industry