Changing Room Scrubber Drier

Clients are demanding the highest standards in customer service and cleanliness, and with online review sites becoming very popular and accessible, poor cleanliness can dramatically affect your business’ income like never before. At Harrison Hire and Sales we can not only supply and maintain suitable industrial cleaning equipment to meet your individual requirements, but help improve your cleaning procedures to improve hygiene and efficiency.

Daily Vacuuming

Vacuuming rooms and corridors is part of daily housekeeping and our range of Dry Vacuum Cleaners offer not only a powerful, but a silent and efficient solution. Our Dry Vacuum Cleaners are available with HEPA filtration to ensure optimum dust and allergen control.

Hard Floor Cleaning

A busy hotel lobby can be very difficult to clean and maintain a polished shine. A floor Scrubber Drier will scrub a cleaning solution into the floor and vacuum up the dirt water in a single pass, leaving a clean and dry floor. Floor scrubber driers are perfect for weekly cleaning of high polished floors, or daily maintenance of tiled, vinyl or painted floors. Although a floor scrubber will clean the floor, a further polish may be required on some floor types such as Terrazzo flooring. Depending on the floor type a High Speed Single Disc buffer/polisher will be required. For floors such as marble or granite, an ultra-high-speed floor Burnisher will maintain a perfect floor finish. Both Floor Scrubber Driers and floor Burnishers are available in walk-behind and sit-on models, for every application type or size.

Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming Leisure Hospitality

Dry Vacuum Cleaners offer excellent and inexpensive method of daily dry cleaning for small areas such as hotel rooms. Upright Vacuum Cleaners improve the clean with the introduction of powerful brush to help remove dirt deep into the pile. For larger areas the cable powered Nilfisk GU700A upright vacuum or the battery powered, ride-on Nilfisk BR Range are ideal for the dry cleaning of large corridors or conference halls. It is important to maintain your carpeted areas and over time, even with daily dry cleaning a carpet will need to be deep cleaned. A Spray Extraction Cleaner applies a cleaning solution to the carpet then vacuums out the dirty water. Our range of Carpet Cleaners cleans even better, with a brush that scrubs the cleaning solution into the carpet, removing the most stubborn dirt.

Wet Room Cleaning

Wet rooms can be difficult to clean with a mop, but Scrubber Driers offer the ideal solution for deep scrubbing and leaving the floor clean and dry in a single pass. Some areas in toilets and changing rooms can be difficult to clean and work round but Dry Steam Cleaners not only clean deeply but sanitise at the same time. With colour coded accessories they can be used for floors, hard surfaces, walls, toilets and carpets without risk of cross-contamination.

Kitchen Cleaning

Busy commercial restaurants can be difficult to keep clean with large amounts of carbon and grease deposits on cookers and work surfaces. Our range of Dry Steam Cleaners are the perfect cleaning tool, they break down grease and sanitize in a single pass and can be used for a wide range of tasks from cooker cleaning to work surface or floor cleaning.

Burnishing Floor