Vacuuming Manufacturing

Whether manufacturing from raw material or running an assembly line, health and safety cannot be ignored. Maintaining a clean & safe working environment not only improves your company image but is a legal requirement to reduce risk to your workforce and your assets, failing to address these risks can often invalidate your business insurance. As independent industrial cleaning equipment specialists with many year's experience, Harrison Hire & Sales will help you address cleaning problems throughout your factory or facility. 

Industrial Vacuuming

Our range of industrial vacuums can be specified to work in any application from vacuum oils & swarfs from machinery or floors to the collection of combustible dusts or work within an explosive atmosphere. Dry vacuuming of dust and powders can be dangerous and the risks involved are often misinterpreted or ignored. Vacuuming of any dust poses two potentially very dangerous and equally expensive risks. The first risk, is the collection of hazardous dust. Most dusts are regarded as low, medium or high risk according to the concentration of the dust in the atmosphere allowed, before it constitutes a health risk. To deal with the risk of hazardous dust inhalation, our range of industrial vacuums for hazardous dust are specified for the collection of different dust types. The second risk is the risk of working in explosive atmospheres or the collection of combustible dust. When combustible dust such as flour, tea, aluminium or wood dust is collected through a vacuum a potentially explosive cloud is created inside the vacuum only requiring ignition from a motor spark or a static discharge. We have a range of ATEX-Compliant Explosion-Proof Vacuums specifically for these applications.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Dealing with dust on the floor is key to reducing atmospheric dust that can then contaminate/soil produce, increase service requirements for machinery and increase risk of inhalation risks to staff. Our range of industrial, vacuum sweepers provide an ideal method of dust-free sweeping in production areas, warehouse and even outdoor areas of any size.

Vacuum cleaners are often used for cleaning up spills but often where liquids and oils are used in production, they can be spread by foot across the working area very quickly, making vacuuming not only impractical but ineffective. For the heavy duty cleaning of grime and oils over any sized area, Floor scrubber driers offer the ideal solution, they apply a cleaning solution to the floor through a scrub brush or pad and then vacuum up the dirty water, leaving the floor cleaning and dry almost instantly.

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