Harrison Hire & Sales provide a wide range of industrial cleaning machines, ideal for the tough and demanding applications of the mining industry, from pressure washers for cleaning plant and machinery to industrial vacuums for collecting large amounts of debris. Please note that we are only able to supply equipment for use in above-surface applications.

Plant and Machinery Cleaning

Mining IndustryThe large equipment used to remove and transport the resource from the ground often require high levels of maintenance due to the rough and demanding jobs they perform. Cleaning the exterior of your plant and machinery with a Cold Pressure Washer regularly, will not only reduce maintenance requirements but allow areas to be cleaned to effectively diagnose and repair any issues with your plant. The introduction of a hot water pressure washer is ideal for helping remove grease and oil from hydraulics or engines and with our range of cabinet hot water pressure washers we have a solution that is weather-proof, secure and superbly reliable.

Dust and Debris Collection

Dust and debris can easily become an unnecessary obstruction and a health and safety risk if not properly managed. For cleaning of large areas, our range of industrial vacuum sweepers offer an ideal method of dust-free sweeping. These machines have a powerful brush that sweeps dust and even large debris from the floor into a large hopper that can then be emptied into a bin or skip. The built-in vacuum and filter system ensure optimum dust suppression.

If your main requirements are for collection of piles of dust/debris or spills then an industrial vacuum offers a safe and effective solution. These units come in all shapes and sizes for every application and we even have models suitable for the collection of hazardous or combustible dust.