Vacuuming Pharmaceutical

Cleanliness and hygiene essential in the drugs and medicine manufacturing industry, to ensure safety for the consumer and the workforce. From Research and development, through production, all the way to dispatch; Harrison Hire & Sales are experienced in the supply of safe and effective cleaning and dust extraction machines.

Hazardous Dust

Even edible dust can pose serious health risks to the staff if inhaled. Our range of industrial vacuums for hazardous dust contains machines suitable for either continuous dust extraction or general mobile vacuuming. Our range even includes vacuums specially designed for clean rooms that are not only safe but easy to clean.

Floor Cleaning - Production

Even with effective dust extraction from production machinery, high traffic levels and product spills soon leave a floor in an unacceptable state. Floor scrubber driers apply water or a cleaning solution to the floor via a scrubbing brush or pad, then vacuum the dirty water up, leaving your floor clean and dry. Floor scrubber driers are ideal for all types of hard floor such as epoxy resin in your production area or painted or sealed concrete in your ware house.

Floor Cleaning – Warehouse/Dispatch

Products that are stored in your warehouse for weeks or months soon become dirty from atmospheric dust, and will often have to be cleaned before dispatch. Cleaning products before dispatch be highly inefficient, especially when strict deadlines have to be met, and last-minute orders have to be processed.

Controlling dust on the floor is the most effective way to reduce atmospheric dust. Our range of vacuum sweepers use an effective sweeping brush to collect dust and debris and a powerful vacuum to offer dust-free sweeping for small and large areas. The addition of a floor scrubber dryer can then improve the floor quality further by removing marks and stains from the floor, ideal if auditors and customers visit your facility regularly. For large warehouses, operating and maintaining a separate sweeper and a scrubber drier can seem inefficient. Our combination sweeper/scrubber drier’s will perform both these tasks in a single pass, reducing maintenance and overall time required to clean the floor. 

Whatever your requirements, as independent industrial cleaning specialists Harrison Hire and Sales have the experience to find the best solution to your cleaning problems. 

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