In a demanding and competitive industry, cleanliness and a customer’s first impression are paramount. Cleaning is not just about a customer’s perception of your business, it provides a clean and safe workplace. Harrison Hire & Sales has worked in partnership with facilities management companies and store owners for years, offering the most effective equipment and the most prompt service at a very a competitive price. We offer a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment to hire or buy.

Hard Floor Cleaning

A high footfall combined with wet outdoor conditions can mean floors get dirty quickly, and so so cleaning your shop floors quickly before they become unsightly becomes a chore. Many hours are spent spreading dirt around with mops, when the right floor cleaning machine can save you time, money and actually lift the dirt from the floor to give a better result.

A scrubber drier is ideal for deep cleaning your floor every day. Floor scrubber driers are powered by either mains electric or an on-board battery. They scrub a cleaning solution into the floor, and then vacuum up the dirty water, leaving your floor safe enough to walk on in minutes.

For high gloss floors, high-speed single disc polishers and buffers ensure a perfect shine after deep cleaning with a scrubber drier. For floors types like marble and terrazzo, a polisher will not maintain that like-new shine. Ultra-high speed Burnishers combined with a diamond pad, smooth out minute imperfections in the floor surface, resulting in a superb shine.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum has become an unsightly and unwelcome problem for the modern store owner to contend with. Traditionally chewing gum removal requires either lots of hot water at high pressure or a burner; neither of these methods can be used during opening hours. Dry steam machines combine high heat with such low water consumption that they are on Defra’s Water Technology List, qualifying them for enhanced capital allowance. When combined with a detergent that breaks down the Gum arabic, our gum removal machines, offer a solution that is efficient, leaves no mess to clean up and is safe for operators to use, even during opening hours.

Escalator Cleaning

Traditionally escalator cleaning has required huge expense and massive downtime. Thanks to Karcher’s BR45/10 Esc, it has never been so easy and inexpensive. The escalator can be cleaned whilst it is working; simply situate the escalator cleaner at one end and it will scrub deep into the grooves and vacuum up the dirt safely and efficiently.

Outdoor Cleaning

As many stores and shopping centres have moved away from city centres, the problem of keeping car parks and pathways clear of leaves, litter and snow has become paramount. Ordinarily this would require capital expenditure on equipment, or a large annual outlay for many external contractors. Our range of Outdoor/Municipal sweepers and utility machines offer a complete, all-year-round solution in a single machine. Our utility machines combine a litter/leaf sweeper, a snow plough, an outdoor scrubber, a mower, an independent pressure washer and an outdoor vacuum in one. This offers an economical and effective solution to mall sites with large outdoors spaces.

Mobile Pressure Cleaning

The upkeep of signs, pathways and brickwork can be difficult as most retail parks do not have power and water supplies installed for ongoing maintenance. Our range of UK built trailer-mounted pressure washers combine a mobile bowser with an engine driven pressure washer for a completely independent cleaning machine.