Vehicle Cleaning

The trend towards more online shopping and e-commerce has meant that transport companies have expanded rapidly to meet the ever increasing demand for fast and efficient deliveries. Harrison Hire works with companies in all areas of the transport industry, from small couriers with a handful of vans to national companies with huge vehicle fleets, warehouses and distribution and sorting centres to supply industrial cleaning equipment that meets every operators needs.

Vehicle Cleaning

When so little time is spent off the road, vans, buses and trucks need to be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Mobile hot water pressure washers have always offered a relatively fast and inexpensive method of cleaning both large and small vehicles. These types of industrial cleaning equipment need regular servicing and repair as many drivers operate them, and they endure a heavy work load. Many repairs are required because of operator damage, contaminated fuel and frost damage but now, Harrison Hire and Sales can offer an alternative. Using our expertise gained over many decades, we have designed and manufactured our own range of cabinet hot water pressure washers. These stationary hot pressure washers are built using the best components available, and will protect the machinery inside from frost damage, theft, damage from operator abuse and contaminated fuel; this results in massive lifetime cost savings.

For large fleets of high sided vehicles such as buses, curtain-sided trucks, coaches, lorries and HGV’s; cleaning can not only be a long, but an expensive task. Our range of mobile brush wash machines are ideal for reducing running costs as cleaning times for an entire vehicle can be cut to a little as 7 minutes. Available in diesel engine driven or battery operated models up to 4.9 metres high and with options such as built a built in pressure washer or ride-on platform, there is a machine to suit every application and every fleet.

Warehouse & Distribution Centre Floor Cleaning

Dust control is an important part of maintaining a healthy & safe working atmosphere. Cleanliness throughout the warehouse is also important for company image, and to ensure delivered products are clean. Controlling the dust at floor level is imperative to reducing airborne dust and our range of ride-on floor sweepers effectively sweep up large amounts of dust and debris without creating airborne dust. Our range of sweepers offer a very effective and time-efficient method of floor cleaning and are available in battery-powered and diesel or LPG engine-driven models with cabs, working lights and hydraulic high tip hoppers for easy emptying into skips or bins. For warehouses wishing to maintain the highest cleaning standards, the introduction of a scrubber drier in addition to a sweeper has improved the floor cleanliness by scrubbing in a cleaning solution and vacuuming up ground-in dirt leaving floors clean and dry. Ordinarily this additional equipment requires an additional machine and increases time required to clean as well as the cost to maintain. combination sweeper/scrubber driers offer an all-in-one solution to this problem, floors can be swept, scrubbed and dried in a single pass saving huge amounts of operating time and maintenance costs.

Vacuuming bus with back pack vac

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial dry vacuums offer a cheap and efficient method dry cleaning in a variety of applications such as cabs, seats and in offices. Where large carpeted areas require dry vacuuming, the addition of a power-brush as part of an upright vacuum cleaner ensures improved performance and efficiency. Seats and carpets can soon become saturated with ingrained dirt and require a deeper clean than a dry vacuum can offer. For this application spray extraction cleaners will offer and improved deep clean by applying a cleaning solution and vacuuming up the dirty water, ideal for carpets or upholstery such as bus seats. For the most stubborn ingrained dirt, usually found on high-traffic areas, a carpet cleaner includes a powerful scrubbing action as well as a hand tool for upholstery cleaning. For vehicle upholstery cleaning applications where a deep clean is required but there is not enough time for the fabric to dry before the vehicle returns to service, a commercial dry steam cleaner uses high temperature steam to clean deep into the fabric, killing bacteria in the same pass and then vacuums up the dirt leaving seat clean and dry almost instantly.

Workshop/Garage Heating

Large fleet operators often have their own workshops which can be expensive to heat. Our range of space heaters can quickly and efficiently heat your workspace.