The increase in product imports and e-commerce has dramatically added to the growing amount of large warehouses up and down the country. Harrison Hire & Sales is experienced in assisting warehouses of any size and industry with the supply of industrial cleaning equipment, to manage the dust and cleanliness of their building. 

Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning - Sweeper in Warehouse

As products are now stored in larger quantities, for longer periods and in larger amounts, the battle to contain atmospheric dust has never been greater. Most dust in the atmosphere is generated at ground level which is where it is easier to contain. Our range of warehouse sweepers use a powerful brush to sweep up dust and debris into a built in hopper. An integrated vacuum and filter system ensure dust-free sweeping, offering a more effective and efficient method when compared to manual sweeping.

Cleaning Up Spills

Vacuuming in Warehouse

When spills happen they can be difficult to access, hard to collect and dangerous to staff. Commercial vacuum cleaners are a cheap and effective method of cleaning up spills and most are capable of wet and dry work. For larger amounts of dust, debris or liquid an industrial vacuum offers a more powerful, reliable and durable alternative.

Before vacuuming any product it essential that the risks are identified. Standard vacuum cleaners are not capable of safely collecting hazardous or combustible dusts. Many of the dusts we see day-to-day pose serious risk when picked up with a vacuum. For example, dusts such as flour, aluminium and titanium offer a serious risk of combustion and require an ATEX compliant, explosion proof vacuum. Some dusts are harmful to inhale; concrete, wood dust and dust from silica crystals require a hazardous dust vacuum to collect them safely.

Cleaning of Equipment and Vehicles

Brush Wash on Truck

Keeping your vehicles and equipment such as forklift trucks is important for appearance but is an essential part of maintenance. Hot Pressure Washers offer a cheap and effective method of breaking down traffic film and grease for everyday cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

Washing large trucks and lorries by hand or even with a power washer can be very time consuming, especially in winter months. Our range of mobile brush wash machines allow cleaning of large vehicles in as little as 7 minutes, allowing quick and effective cleaning.