Steam Clean Kitchen

Cleanliness and hygiene in the catering industry is now more important than ever; poor hygiene ratings which are easily accessible on the internet, together with negative publicity can seriously affect your income and your business reputation. Harrison Hire and Sales can provide a range of industrial cleaning equipment that can help you maintain high standards.

Cleaning your restaurant, bar or kitchen consists of 2 parts; cleaning the dirt, and killing the bacteria. It is usually a time consuming task and uses a lot of chemicals. Our range of cleaning equipment is designed to reduce cleaning times and improve cleaning procedures so that you can easily achieve the result of a deep clean on a daily basis.

Kitchen & Surface Cleaning

Especially in busy establishments, kitchens and surfaces become dirty quickly and start to harbour bacteria. Dry Steam Machines have the power to break down grease and dirt, as well and sanitise the surface in a single pass. These steamers are supplied with a huge range of tools that make them suitable for cleaning cookers, work surfaces, bars, tables, floors and are even available with colour-coded accessories to be used in other areas such as toilets to avoid cross-contamination.





Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning

It is important to maintain cleanliness, not just for hygiene purposes but to improve a customer’s perception of your business. Although floors are not a food contact surface, an unsightly floor can soon put off customers. Until now many establishments in the catering industry have mopped floors which is time-consuming, potentially a slip hazard and ultimately ineffective. Scrubber Driers offer a deep clean by scrubbing a cleaning solution into the floor and sucking up the dirty water leaving the floor clean, dry and safe enough to walk on in minutes; all in a fraction of the time it takes to mop the floor.



Carpet Cleaning

Often vacuuming with a Dry Vacuum Cleaner or wet cleaning the carpet with a Spray Extraction Cleaner is not enough for high traffic areas. For these areas a dedicated Carpet Cleaner provides the wet clean of a spray extraction machine. Cleaning solution is applied, a powerful brush lifts scrub the dirt out of the pile then the dirty water is vacuumed up leaving the carpet almost dry.  

Restaurant Cleaning