Hire periods start from 3 days. Please contact us for a quotation.


110v with Transformer (if required) e.g HDS 7/9 or 240v e.g. HDS 7/10       

Hire rates start from £40.39 per week for a 240 volt or £43.85 per week for a 110v medium sized hot pressure washer.  Suitable for cleaning workshops, cleaning vehicles, building facades, swimming pools and production areas. Uses diesel fuel.                                                 

415v e.g. HDS 10/20 or 415v Electrically Heated 63A e.g. HDS 8/16                                             

Hire rates start from £73.85 per week. If you need to use a three-phase pressure washer in an area where fuel fumes are prohibited then an electrically heated machine is required. For example - indoor areas, food production areas.                     

Hot water pressure washers                                  

Diesel/Diesel Trailer e.g. Edge Grimebuster


Diesel Trailer