Karcher HDS-C 8/15 E Steel Coin-op - 1.319-218.0

The HDS-C 8/15 E static pressure washer gives a more secure option to the mobile machines as they can be fixed in position which stops theft. This model features an electric boiler to pre heat the water before passing through the high pressure pump, this method of heating cuts out all fumes which makes it ideal to be installed indoors. There is also a lockable cover for the operation panel to prevent unauthorised/unwelcomed use. With a single switch to select the operation setting the HDS-C 8/15 E is simple to use.

Data sheet

ModelKarcher HDS-C 8/15 E Steel Coin-op
Voltage400 V
Flow Rate740 l/h
Operating Pressure150 Bar
Power29.6 kW
Dimensions1040 x 727 x 1360 mm