Nilfisk CS7000 – Environmentally-Friendly Hybrid Combination Floor Sweeper/Scrubber Drier

This product has been discontinued. Please use this link to see the new model. Please contact us for parts or servicing. The CS7000 is unique, the LPG and diesel engine driven hybrid models use 30% less fuel than competitors equipment making them greener, cleaner and smarter. As well as Hybrid technology, the CS7000 is equipped with ECOFLEX, giving the operator ultimate control of water usage and the ability to increase chemical dosing for a short period of time to help deal with ingrained dirt. The ONETOUCH and NOTOOLS systems this machine uses are easy to use and cheap to maintain. The additional features of an on-board pressure washer and water heating system make the CS7000 the ultimate floor cleaning machine. Available in an LPG-engine (CS7000 1200 LPG HYBRID), diesel-engine (CS7000 1200D HYBRID) and battery powered (CS7000 1200B) variants.

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ModelNilfisk CS7000 LPG HYBRID
Scrubbing Width1250 mm
Sweeping Width1540 mm
Hopper Capacity198 Litres
Suction Width1350 mm
Productivity11080 Sq Mtrs/Hr
Solution Tank284 Litres
Recovery Tank284 Litres
Power SourceLPG Engine
Weight2121 Kgs

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