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Stainless Steel Passivator

A highly effective, fast acting acid cleaner for the removal of oxidation and tarnishing on aluminium and stainless steel surfaces. Neutralises rust and leaves a phosphate coating on steel, removes stains and brightens aluminium and stainless steel surfaces.

Also acts as a mild descaler and remover of efflorescence from brickwork.


5 litres: T1668.005

See below for usage instructions.

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Rust removal: Use at up to 1 to 4 parts water depending upon surface to be treated. Immersion contact time should be 5 – 30 minutes; this can speeded up by heating dip tank to 50°C max. May also be applied by brush or swab. Contact time should be around 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water and dry. Ensure further processing within 48 hours. Alloy / stainless cleaning: Pre-dilute at up to 1:15 in water, depending upon degree of soiling or tarnish. Brush or spray liberally all over surface to be treated. Allow a few minutes contact time, then rinse well with clean water. Badly stained areas may need a repeat application with a stronger dilution.