Nilfisk S2 L40 MC – 240V Hazardous Dust Vacuum

A powerful and safe industrial vacuum cleaner for the collection of M-Class hazardous dust such as cement dust, nickel or copper. The Nilfisk S2 L40 MC is ideal for many industrial applications with its robust design and excellent filtration. Also available in L-Class (S2 L40 LC) and H-Class (S2 L40 HC) variants with 110V, HEPA filtration and stainless steel construction options.

Previously called the Nilfisk-CFM S2 L40 MC

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Data sheet

ModelNilfisk-CFM S2 L40 MC
Rated Power2000 W
Voltage2400 V
Filter Surface Area19,500 cm2
Container Capacity40 Litres
Airflow w/o Hose83 Litres/second
Max Vacuum16.5 KPA
Weight62 Kgs

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