Nilfisk T40 L100 GV CC – Wet & Dry 3-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

This industrial hoover has a powerful 4Kw two-stage, side channel blower making it ideal for collecting heavy material and liquids. The quiet motor is mounted low in the machine to allow maximum stability and ease of access to the large, industrial filter. The T40 is also available in a dry-only variant (T40 L100) with a huge range of accessories to make this machine suitable for a variety of high and low-level cleaning tasks.

Nilfisk-CFM T40 L100 GV CC 

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Data sheet

ModelNilfisk-CFM T40 L100 GV CC
Rated Power4000 W
Voltage415 V
Filter Surface Area19,500 cm2
Container Capacity100 Litres
Airflow w/o Hose87.5 Litres/second
Max Vacuum46 KPA
Weight140 Kgs

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