Nilfisk SC800– Large Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Drier

The Nilfisk SC800 enables the heavy duty scrubbing of large areas in a manoeuvrable and easy-to-use machine. With the built in Eco-Flex system, this scrubber dryer gives the operator ultimate control of water usage and the ability to increase chemical dosing for a short period of time to help deal with ingrained dirt. Also available in a 71cm scrub width (SC800 71) and a cylindrical brush (SC800-71C) variant, ideal for cleaning ceramic, tiled, Pirelli or Anti-slip structured floors.

Data sheet

ModelNilfisk SC800-86
Scrubbing Width860 mm
Sweeping Width1050 mm
Productivity4990 Sq Mtrs/Hr
Rated Power1890 W
Voltage24 V
Solution Tank95 Litres
Recovery Tank95 Litres
Weight488 Kgs