Karcher HD 20/15-4 Cage Plus - 1.367-133.0

An extremely robust pressure washer designed for daily use in harsh conditions, such as large construction sites, earthworks and excavation. It offers a range of special features to give superior cleaning performance, including a selection of high-quality Karcher accessories to help with those difficult cleaning applications.

The crankshaft pump powered by the powerful three-phase motor delivers a water flow of up to 2000 litres per hour, with a maximum operating pressure of up to 2200 PSI. Water pressure can easily be adjusted on the unit to suit your specific task.

Data sheet

ModelKarcher HD 20/15-4 Cage Plus
Voltage400 V
Flow Rate500-2000 l/h
Operating Pressure30-150 Bar
Max Water Feed Temperature60 ○C
Power11 kW
Weight110 Kgs
Dimensions957 x 686 x 1080 mm