Nilfisk Ecoflex

The ECOFLEX system comes on many of Nilfisk's products and is designed to ensure that your floors get cleaned efficiently whilst taking care of the environment. The other advantage of being green is that you will save money! From light traffic areas to the most heavily soiled areas, Ecoflex will get floors cleaned easily without compromising on your standards. The system works to ensure detergent is used most effectively thus avoiding wastage of water and detergent. This is where you save money....

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Nilfisk Ecoflex machines have simple control panels and work with one touch operation.​ Operatives can use these models with a minimum of training. In addition to savings on water and detergent, the system uses less energy which benefits the environment and keeps overheads lower.

Ecoflex can adapt to your daily routine and will accommodate different areas, floor types and facilities.

How Ecoflex works

Brush pressure, water and detergent can all be adapted to suit your needs. If desired you can switch from water only cleaning on lightly soiled areas to a more intense setting for heavy traffic areas by pressing a button. As the default start-up mode is green, water only and low-flow you can be sure that your operatives will use this option first.

For further information on machines offering the Ecoflex system please see this link.