Karcher B 60 W Bp DOSE - 1.384-020.2

The B 60 W Bp DOSE is a walk behind scrubber drier has many features to make it superior to rival machines, such as the ‘eco!efficiency’ mode which helps extend battery life. This system lengthens battery life by up to 20%. This machine also includes the DOSE cleaning detergent dosing system which prevents using inadequate amounts of detergent. Also available with disc/plate brush option.

This machine is subject to The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). This scheme has been created by the government to encourage businesses to purchase more efficient cleaning technology. This allows you to claim 100% of first year allowances, for example tax relief.

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Data sheet

ModelKarcher B 60 W Bp DOSE
Scrubbing Width550 mm
Squeegee Width850 mm
Rated Power1800 W
Solution Tank60 Litres
Recovery Tank60 Litres
Weight109 Kgs
Dimensions1490 x 748 x 1147 mm

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