Nilfisk CTT40 HC Z1 – Hazardous Dust Vacuum for ATEX Gas/Vapour Zones 1 & 2

The CTT40 Z1 is designed specifically for safe use in ATEX Zones 1 & 2 where atmospheric gases and vapours cause a high risk of explosion. This industrial 415V vacuum is also suitable for the collection of Hazardous dusts with its incredibly large, efficient filter and dust-free disposal methods. The Nilfisk CTT40 is available with a variety of accessories for many ground and high-level cleaning applications.

Nilfisk-CFM CTT40 HC Z1

Data sheet

ModelNilfisk-CFM CTT40 HC Z1
Rated Power4000 W
Voltage415 V
Filter Surface Area19,000 cm2
Container Capacity50 Litres
Airflow w/o Hose148 Litres/second
Max Vacuum18 KPA
Weight182 Kgs