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Iteco Bus Wash 500

The Iteco Bus Wash 500 is a mobile, automatic brush wash machine available in diesel engine or battery operated. Allows speedy washing of Buses, Coaches and other large passenger service vehicles in about 6 minutes, with no trailing cables or hoses. This commercial vehicle cleaning system will keep your fleet looking smart.

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Professional Mobile Coach/ Bus Wash Machine

  • The large fuel & water tanks allow the Iteco Bus and Coach Wash to wash vehicles completely independently of power or water supplies.
  • Available in walk-behind & ride-on models with splash guards or a cab.
  • Brush inclination system allows the Bus Wash to clean angles sides without compromising stability or performance.
  • Available in battery or diesel engine powered models.
  • Driven by a powerful hydraulic traction drive.
  • Allows cleaning of large passenger vehicles in about 6 minutes.
  • Ability to wash in both directions.
  • Optional High pressure unit allows operators to pressure clean areas of a vehicle that are otherwise impossible to clean.
  • Direct drive to the brush increases reliability and reduces running and maintenance costs.
  • Optional silent running version for operation in noise sensitive areas.
  • Optional extras include a roof bar for cleaning roofs and a chassis wash system.
  • A Carlite brush is available for polishing vehicles to the highest standard.
  • Adjustable nozzle bar.

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