Iteco Omega Wash

This gantry type washing system for buses and trucks, offers a number of different programmes and is simple to operate. The roll over system  incorporates a series of nozzles, positioned to ensure a deep cleaning of the chassis. It is available with two, three, four or five brushes. Operation is via a touch screen with wear-resistant buttons. Up to four different chemicals can be dispensed. The Omega also features a “mirrors avoidance” programme which will suit commercial and passenger service vehicle owners.

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The Omega is built to last; it has vertical and horizontal brushes which are made from high-density polyethylene, with a diameter of 1000 mm. Special polishing brushes are available: mixed brush (polyethylene + carlite), or carlite only. A high pressure rotating head from 20 to 80 bars provides thorough cleaning of the chassis. The body is constructed from hot dip galvanized steel, and consists of 4 columns, connected at the top by crossbeams which support the vertical brushes trolleys. The main columns contain the steel guide rails for the horizontal brush trolley, as well as the electric panel and the chemicals tanks cabinet. The motors, gearboxes, lifting chains, horizontal guide rails and lifting brushes are located within the Omega and so are protected from extreme weather conditions and corrosive chemicals.