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Karcher RM 821 Spray Wax

RM821 Spray Wax

What it's used for:

Use to give vehicles a spotless shine and provide long-term protection. No need for assisted drying. Will not be affected by water quality. 


Gives high-gloss with no need for drying
Use in self-service car washing installations or with high-pressure cleaners
Will protect vehicles for up to 1 month
Use with all water qualities
Effective with all water hardness levels
Surfactants biodegradable in accordance with EEC 648/2004
NTA free
Free from mineral oils and mineral hydrocarbons


Car finishing
Self-service Wash Units


High-pressure cleaners
Self-Service Washing Stations

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High-pressure cleaners: dilute at 1:9

Dosage at machine: 1-2% 

Self-service wash stations: dilute at 1:9

Dosage at machine: 1-2%

PH 4

Available in:

20l       6.295-431.0